Holiday and Course center Törmälä – a Gate to the national park

Törmälä is a place for peace and quiet, integration and growth.
It is an ideal destination for hikers, campers and fishing enthusiasts.
At Törmälä, companies and work communities can enjoy shared experiences.
Törmälä is also a place where parishes hold confirmation camps.
Whether you stay for one night or several days, you’ll be sure to have a great time!

Holiday and Course center

Törmälä Holiday and Course Centre offers various services for companies and individuals for their free time.
You are warmly welcome to enjoy nature’s serenity and mutual experiences.

Accommodation services

Törmälä offers accommodation services for different needs – smaller rooms for two people and larger spaces for bigger groups.

Törmälä yleisesittely

Dining services

Our delicious meals are cooked at the premises. We serve home-cooked meals that are prepared with pure,
mostly domestic ingredients produced in the local area. We also bake pastries, soft bread and bread rolls

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Kukkia ja aurinkoa äitienpäivääsi toivottaa Törmälän väki täältä Etelä-Konneveden kansallispuisto, Southern Konnevesi National Park portilta

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Sateen jälkeen tuoksuu kevät ja ihana Suomen koivu ❤️

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Kosken pappilan viinimarjapensaat pääsivät uuteen marjakuntoon! Kiitos Rautalammin Martat Samalla aloitimme ryytimaan valmistelun.